Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Aesling dresses made?

Vancouver, Canada.

How long does it take for a dress to be made?

4-5 months.

Can you accommodate rush orders?

Yes! We can accommodate rush orders under a month. Please email for applicable fees.

What is crepe fabric?

All of our dresses are made with a thick crepe fabric. Crepe is historically called crespe or crisp. Our crepe is on the thicker side to give the wearer a slimming appearance and allows a graceful fall for the a-line fit. This results in a soft and smooth, wrinkle-free silhouette.

What is your size range?

We offer dresses in Size 0-26. All of our dresses go through serious fit testing to ensure comfortability for all shapes and sizes.

How do I know what size I am?

Follow this diagram. You need three measurements: bust, waist, and hip. Referencing our size chart, it is usually best to order the largest size based on those measurements and tailor down to your body afterwards. 

Where can I try an Aesling dress on?

Visit our stockists page for a list of stores and locations where we are carried.

How do I care for my dress post-wedding?

We do not recommend dry-cleaning your dress as solvents can be damaging. The best method to care for your dress is to spot clean using an oxygen-based stain remover and lukewarm water. For specific cleaning questions or concerns, email us at