Meet Aesling’s 2023 Collection

Aesling’s 2023 Collection is an important one. Comprising six gowns, this collection is a dramatic, elegant ode to female architects that inspire us. It’s also the collection that, to date, feels the most true to our vision for Aesling as a brand. What’s one element that we’re most proud of? Almost every dress can be customized for a perfect wedding day look. 

“I’m really excited about the detachable and customizable elements that we’ve included in this collection,” says Founder and Creative Director Gaby Bayona. “I can see these elements becoming a signature style for Aesling moving forward.” 

This collection features classic skirt silhouettes, brand new sleeves and a handful of striking new bodices and waistbands. Plus, we’re delighted to offer every single gown in this collection in our classic crepe as well as our new luxe liquid satin. 

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

This collection introduces a number of detachable sleeves!

The Bardi gown channels old school glamour. With off-the-shoulder sleeves in a fluted, gauzy mesh, this low (but still comfortable and secure!) neckline shows off your collarbones. The sleeves are detachable, and rendered in the same lovely mesh. They attach with a subtle elastic at the top, which hides away underneath the layered fabric. 

“Bardi’s bodice is new to Aesling; it’s fully boned, which means it has a great amount of support,” says Gaby. 

For a flouncier, sculptural sleeve option, we created the Marion gown. This sleeve nods to a popular gown from our last season, the Sistine gown. The sleeve can be detachable, using tiny hidden snaps, or sewn in depending on your preferences.

“This type of detachable sleeve is new for us, and can be finished with a few different cuffs,” says Gaby. “It can be finished with a brand new cuff and illusion buttons or with a flouncy elastic – or brides can opt for a refined, snug-fitting mesh sleeve.”

Sculptural Skirts

The Hadid gown, like its namesake, brings something altogether new – in this case, a brand new skirt! This skirt uses less fabric than our signature circle skirt, so it feels lighter to wear and features a slightly shorter train. The result is a silhouette that feels fresh and modern.

“The Hadid gown is one of my favourites for its simplicity,” says Gaby. “We intentionally wanted this gown to feel sculptural but minimal; the line of illusion buttons at the back ties it all up.”

The Merrick gown looks back on one of our very favourite designs, our Orenda dress from 2019. The Orenda was a well-loved gown, and Merrick refreshes it for 2023, featuring a shapely bodice without a mesh panel in front. Merrick is one of two dresses in this season which feature our signature circle skirt – perfect for twirling around the dancefloor. And yes, it has pockets. 

“I love Merrick for that amazing plunging neckline and those skinny straps,” says Gaby. “It’s classic and sophisticated but still sexy. What more could you want?”

Brand New Bodices

The Morgan gown balances sophistication with flirtation. A lovely refined skirt is balanced with a bodice that is brand new to Aesling – featuring a wide waistband and thick straps. But Morgan can be dressed-up, if you’d prefer, with a variety of sleeve options. 

“Morgan can be paired with either the bishop sleeves or the slim-fitting gauze sleeves,” says Gaby. “I love how versatile this gown is; brides can really customize the silhouette to be perfect for them.”

Last but not least, we designed Willis – featuring a new bodice shape that is slightly but importantly different from the Morgan gown. Willis has a slightly wider cut around the shoulder, which allows for an even more comfortable fit. Its sleek bodice is paired, naturally, with our signature circle skirt – and pockets. 

“Willis is a perfect example of a modern but still very romantic cut,” says Gaby. “With the plunging neckline, squared off and mirrored at the back, and that wide, trim waistband, I think Willis will be one of our most popular gowns from this collection.”

The 2023 collection, like all Aesling collections, offers every gown in a curve pattern, too – so brides wearing up to size 26 can find a gown that they love at Aesling. Brides that wear extended sizes can also see every gown photographed in wearing a size 18 gown on our website. 

“Being a young brand, our design team has been working hard to find Aesling’s own unique voice – to find a through-line that unifies our look and allows us to really stand out,” says Gaby. “This season, I feel like we achieved that goal. There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing brides looking so happy and beautiful in their Aesling gowns.”